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To promote mental wellbeing through access to physical exercise for people with mental health problems. To use exercise as a platform to reduce social inequaltiies, reduce discrimination and stigma of mental illness.

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It ran from 6:41 PM, 7 December 2011 to 7:36 PM, 9 June 2016

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The Exercise2Health project was set up to promote mental wellbeing using the medium of exercise. Physical activity has been clearly identified as a means to reduce the impact of stress, promote mental health and increase feeling of self worth and self confidence. Mind in Mid Herts currently run small groups for people who have experience of mental distress and mental illness in various activities. These include: swimming, yoga, Pilates, dance, lifesaving, gym and football. Initial results suggest that our present clients thorougly enjoy attending the groups which are relaxed and informal with emphasis on fun. More over, the effects on peoples sense of wellbeing have been positive and encouraging. We would like to be able to offer a greater choice of activities accross the areas coverered by Mind in Mid Herts but need further funding and donations to do this. To make a difference and enable us to extend this project when the intial funding runs out we require: Annually Project Manager wage - £25,000 Expenses - £4,000 Project Running Costs - £38,000 Advertising - £3,000