Sustainable water supply in rural Rajasthan

The nucleus of this five year project is the strengthening of water supply and storage capacity in 10 villages. The immediate need of the people is access to safe drinking and irrigation water, as many are currently without either. We have a special focus on involving and empowering local people.

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It ran from 10:04 AM, 2 September 2008 to 10:04 AM, 2 September 2008

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The long-term goal of this project is to develop the food production and livelihood generation capacity of the village population, setting them on a sustained path of economic security and decreased vulnerability and dependence. The project includes such components as: • Water source development such as well development • Soil and water conservation measures such as field bunding and loose stone check dams – traditional water harvesting structures. • Rainwater harvesting structures such as anicuts (small dams) and repair of existing structures. As a result of water harvesting, irrigation and agricultural production will improve. The beneficiaries are the tribal villagers living in the Wakal River Basin. This project will focus specifically on involving and empowering local tribal people and reducing their vulnerability to fluctuating climatic conditions which prevail in the region. The socio-economic conditions of the tribal populations throughout this region are rapidly deteriorating, especially due to two decades of severe recurring droughts.