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The Rainbow House

For years Kiya Survivors had been looking for a solution to the dilemma of where to safely house children with special needs who had been orphaned, abandoned or abused. None of the orphanages near to The Rainbow Centre would accept children with special needs or had adequate staff or facilities. Faced with a number of children living in desperate poverty and suffering abuse, Kiya Survivors decided to open The Rainbow House.

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It ran from 5:17 PM, 3 March 2012 to 5:17 PM, 3 March 2012

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Kiya Survivors currently rents a house with garden in Urumamba where children can live happily and safely. The house currently houses 7 children and young people who are cared for by 2 substitue mums. Some of the children attend mainstream school and others attend classes and sessions at Kiya Survivors' Rainbow Centre. We need to ensure the long-term future of the childrens home as there is no alternative site for these children and young people receive adequate care. To run this centre currently costs £500 (approx.) per month. We a re seaching for funders to help us with this commitment