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The Makunduchi Project

Our first programme of work is The Makunduchi Project. Makunduchi Hospital is one of only two District Hospitals on the main island of Zanzibar. Over the next two years, we will renovate, re-equip and reinstate the dilapidated District Hospital, re-train staff and manage the hospital for a period of ten years in partnership with the government to create a blue-print for health care development that can be used elsewhere.

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Currently the medical services provided are largely primary care, basic maternity services and some minor surgery. The occupancy of its 30 beds for in-patients, is very low at around 13%. This low occupancy rate reflects a gradual erosion of trust in the hospital facility. We plan to change this and a priority for us will be maternal and child health programme - currently one mother in every 180 dies during delivery of their child – this compares with 1 in 7,200 in the UK. Maternal and child mortality in Zanzibar is largely preventable and reducing this is a priority for the project. The total capital requirement for the Hospital is £530,000 with additional equipment costs of £120,000 = £650,000. Annual running costs are £75,000 Year 1 and 2 £90,000 Year 3 and (plus inflation) Years 4-10. By priority area, the capital and equipment costs are: • Maternal and child Health £145,000 • Primary care £115,000 • Major communicable diseases £120,000 • Accident and emergencies £105,000 • General Surgery £115,000 • Specialist outreach and outpatient £50,000