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Laniado Hospital is campaigning to build a $20m Emergency Ward and Underground Hospital. The new ward is intended to replace the ten small cubicles that can no longer serve the burgeoning local population, and to relieve the desperate shortage of space, improve treatment, and provide a solution for the next 15 years.

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Laniado now has approximately 60,000 emergency ward visits per year. These visits, usually concentrated during the night and weekend, are received in a small ward with low ceilings and 10 beds that are far too close to each other. The solution of the new emergency ward with 57 beds will provide enough space for the next 15 years at this rate of growth. With this increase in beds will be an in the number of medical departments, a factor that will, according to experience in this hospital and others, increase the number of emergency ward visits. However, the 15 beds designated for intermediate care can also become emergency beds, thus extending the life span of the department, or expanding it in need if growth exceeds expected targets. The Centre will include: Fully equipped treatment rooms Fully equipped Trauma Room Triage areas 57 patient beds A facility for Emergency Surgery 2 Trauma Units Separate Radiology Unit  The total cost of the project is $20 million, half for the ground floor and half for the duplicate emergency hospital department underground. To date the UK has raised $2m toward this project, and secured another $13m in matching funds from private individuals and the Israeli government. We are now in the final phase of fundraising, when we can look forward to putting down the first foundation stone. .