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Everything you wanted to know about giving birth...but were afraid to ask

We would like to produce a series of informative publications (offline & online) that focus on the often unspoken issues surrounding giving birth. Given our past experiences we are well placed to offer this advice. Our research shows that it is particularly apparent that first time parents feel they are naive and too scared to ask the professional's questions and end up feeling terribly neglected.

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Our ultimate ambition is to use this grant to improve maternity services in England. Our publications will draw on the expertise of partner organisations we have formed close links with, namely, the Royal College of Midwives and The Pregnancy Institute. We also have links into the Royal College of Gynaecologists through one of our leading patrons. We will give a 'real-life' parents perspective on the issues surrounding giving birth and present a balanced view on what prospective parents should expect and request from their medical professionals. The outcomes will be to produce highly engaging, thought provoking literature that will be essential reading for anyone giving birth. It will inform in an inclusive way and will empower [first time] parents to have the confidence to discuss their birth choice with absolute confidence. Whilst we are not proposing that our publications will solve this issue, we firmly believe that the 'voice of parents' has the power to begin to change perceptions. As an organisation we are well placed to interact with other parents through our growing database. Our own tragic experience means we are uniquely placed to demonstrate how one can make such a positive change and impact out of what was a terribly negative event. In general, anyone who is planning to have children. The medical profession and in particular, anyone who is involved with maternity services from a professional perspective will benefit greatly.