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DAY1 sets up 12 month one-to-one mentoring relationships between ordinary people in the community and young people aged 15 years who are at risk of dropping out of school with no qualifications, employment or training prospects ahead. • The big idea is to create a long term, sustainable way of winning over a greater number of suitable ordinary people in the community to volunteer their time and energy to act as DAY1 mentors. • We are doing this by creating partnerships with sizeable local companies where DAY1 can offer first class Mentor training in exchange for the company providing a pool of potential Mentors. • We are also creating a system of remuneration that ensures the voluntary activity is sustained throughout the year. • The innovation is firstly to be able to directly match business need with community service and secondly to remunerate Mentors so that they expand their volunteering activities into future years.

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The reasons for the project are: • Our need to create a sustainable supply of Mentors from the local community. • To ensure our Mentor profile is as broad as is the community itself in terms of gender, age, work experience, social background, educational background, belief etc. • To fulfil one of our intended outcomes to create more ‘community glue’ by bringing different people together who might never otherwise meet. • To create a system that is attractive for Mentors to continue to offer their services year after year. Project end goals are: • to ensure we have more Mentors available than we need so that we can make a best ‘fit’ between Mentor and young person. Best matching is made using social background, interests and geographical location. • to take on 25 young people each year and therefore around 37 Mentors per year to make a best match. • Note that all trained Mentors are eventually matched with a young person, some immediately, some after approx 6 months. Annual costs for provision of the whole DAY1 service are £100k, however annual costs for this particular project within DAY1 are close to £50k.