DAY1 - fulfilling our youths' potential

DAY1 is a Scottish Highland based charity set up to provide young people from tough social backgrounds with a year long one-to-one mentoring service. In the absence of other inputs, the 15 year olds we work with are considered likely to become another NEET statistic, (Not in Education, Employment or Training) and the DAY1 service exists to prevent this.

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14% of Scotland's young people between 16-19 years are NEET and the social and financial costs to individuals, to communities and to the tax payer are serious and ongoing. DAY1 acts to PREVENT potential NEET status and help those young people avoid those social problems associated with becoming NEET and to enjoy a future free of state dependency. We hold official "Approved Provider" status as awarded by the Scottish Mentoring Network and the Mentoring & Befriending Foundation for the UK. In summary, the DAY1 service........ .......provides a 12 month one-to-one Mentoring program designed to grow and improve self confidence and to offer "windows” and tasters of potential career opportunities. ........has a primary aim of guiding the young person towards and into first employment or to help them make the best of their potential at school and beyond. closely with local businesses and schools and provides a wide range of new experiences and opportunities to allow young people to develop a positive direction in their lives. ........provides positive role models (i.e. the Mentors) as ordinary people within the community. young people from disadvantaged backgrounds a way of providing a special focus on them, to let them experience something different and to help them unlock their true potential through a DAY1 award. Annual cost is £100k