William Cobbett Trust

Special Needs Unit Sensory Room

To provide a sensory room and private specialist areas within our Special needs Units in our school.

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It ran from 11:12 AM, 6 November 2008 to 3:03 PM, 14 December 2008




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Our plan is to build four new classrooms, three to replace our very decrepit wooden huts and the forth to become an additional room to form part of our already very successful Special Needs Unit catering for 22 mentally and physically handicapped children. Our plan for this room is to divide it into much needed specialist areas so it includes a much needed physiotherapy room offering our children a private and comfortable place to receive their physical therapy and to house important lifting equipment and comfortable benches. The remainder of the room would be taken up with Multi Sensory areas dealing with speech and language therapists, time out play area when they are very stressed and a teaching area for small groups.