Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice

The final Golden Mile

We need to raise £400,000 as our final golden mile towards opening the Hospice By providing £400,000, or a donation towards this figure, you will be ensuring that help is available now to over 200 families from Yorkshire and the surrounding area.

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The Hospice is almost complete, the finishing touches are being added, our policy and duty of care within the Hospice states that we will have a £400,000 reserve facility to ensure we are not left unable to fulfil our obligations to the children. Having raised over £4 million so far and with the task of raising £2.4 million per year in running costs, we need this final step-up to offer the children not just the chance to be alive, but to feel alive also. The 70 or more families who we offer our care in the community service to are patiently waiting to be able to fully utilise our respite, emergency and end of life care. Unfortunately, for 15 families this is now too late, but they will receive personal, expert bereavement support as will other families in days and years to come. Please help to ensure our full support is offered to all as soon as possible.