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Reading Matters 2012

In 2012 Books Abroad will be despatching a total of 35,776 kgs of free books (180,000 books) to schools, libraries, universities and other educational organisations throughout the developing world. These donated books would otherwise end up in landfill sites. Recycling knowledge to alleviate poverty

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It ran from 12:00 AM, 1 January 2012 to 12:00 AM, 1 December 2012

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A child enduring the anguish of a devastating illness tugs at the heartstrings of all, but how does one portray a child suffering a lack of education which is a direct cause and effect of poverty. At Books Abroad we receive daily requests for books from educational organisations throughout the world. During 2012 we plan to despatch books as requested to schools in Africa, Asia, the Indian Ocean islands, South/Central America, Eastern Europe, Grenada and Papua New Guinea


By sending these books free of charge directly to the schools, libraries and universities throughout the world. We will be helping teachers and pupils who have a strong desire to learn but poverty means only a bare minimum or no such reading material and educational resources are presently available.