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Laikipia Wildlife Forum, Kenya - Community Conservation

Save the Rhino supports LWF's Community Conservation programme which demonstrates that conservation can improve livelihoods and be economically viable.

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The Laikikia District in Kenya has a high range of wildlife, including over half of Kenya’s endangered black rhinos, the rare Grevy’s zebra, Jackson’s hartebeest and Rothschild giraffe. It is also home to ethically diverse communities, including the Mukogodo, Maasai, Kikuyu and Pokot. These communities have suffered from poverty following by drought period that hit this semi-arid area. Natural resources like river waters, forests, and grazing land for livestock are used unsustainably and distributed unfairly. People and wildlife are often in conflict: elephants raid crops and lions attack livestock. The Laikipia Wildlife Forum aims to protect Laikipia’s environment by involving local people in the process aiming to alleviate poverty. Through a dedicated Community Conservation programme, local people are involved in numerous grass-roots projects like bee-keeping, eco-tourism, tree planting and water conservation, all of which improve livelihoods and the environment for future generation. The programme now reaches over 300,000 people in the area.