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Volunteer Coordinator role

We need funding to recruit a Volunteer Coordinator, initially for 3 years. This would be a new post and would be of huge benefit to our 52 volunteers, some of whom are centre-based and some of whom are situated throughout the UK, where they carry out tape-recorded interviews with veterans. Currently volunteer management is split between three members of staff and we feel in order to provide the most effective and appropriate support to our volunteers, we should employ a coordinator whose remit is specifically volunteer management.

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We are keen to increase our appeal to volunteers from different backgrounds, for example by attracting those with second languages, to help widen the range of testimonies we can preserve and share, and having a member of staff devoted to our volunteering program will enable us to achieve this. Increased diversity within our volunteers will help us to interact with additional communities and create an archive that is truly representative of those who lived through the war. This will be a valuable resource for schools, historians, researchers, broadcasters and the general public in the future as time to collect such memories is sadly running out. To our knowledge we are the only UK charity solely dedicated to preserving and sharing experiences of those who lived and served in the Second World War. We could not carry out this mission without our volunteers, who outnumber our paid staff at a ratio of almost 10:1 and are responsible for a huge amount of interviewing, cataloguing, correspondence, and interaction with schools and the public. They include veterans, people with physical disabilities, people suffering mental ill-health, students, professionals and members of different ethnic groups. We are committed to recruiting, training, supporting and developing our volunteers to the best possible standards and feel that a volunteer coordinator would allow us to access further opportunities for volunteers and also provide more structured support for them. We are committed to demonstrating best practice in volunteer management and would be happy to share our experiences with other charities where possible. We will empower volunteers who can benefit from their time with us by providing opportunities to gain skills and references for those seeking paid employment, providing retired and elderly volunteers with an opportunity for social interaction, and increasing the confidence and self-esteem of those volunteers who come to us after a period out of work or suffering from mental ill-health. We would be able to take on a minimum of 20 extra volunteers, which would increase our volunteer team to more than 70. With the additional hours given by these volunteers will be able to offer more people the chance to record and preserve their wartime testimony in the archive, and we intend to increase the collection by an additional 12,000 people’s stories in the next five years. Recruitment £1,000 Salary of £22K p.a. plus on-costs at 15% for 3 years £75,900 Equipment for Volunteer Coordinator (desk, chair, computer) £650 Telephone / IT for 3 years £3,999 Travel expenses for 3 years £2,199 Postage / stationery costs for 3 years £2,250 Total: £85,998