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The RHS Campaign for School Gardening

The RHS Campaign for School Gardening (CfSG) is a national platform to encourage and inspire teachers and students to get involved with growing and gardening at school.

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It ran from 3:57 PM, 5 August 2012 to 3:57 PM, 5 August 2012

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The CfSG encourages and supports schools to use gardening to help children and young people learn and develop. The RHS believes every child has a right to get involved in gardening and receive some form of horticultural teaching. Gardening can enrich the school curriculum, teach life skills, contribute to children’s mental and physical health, educate children about the importance of gardening to provide a sustainable environment and make communities a better place to live.


School gardening enables the National Curriculum to be taught in an exciting and engaging way. The garden is frequently used by all classes and age groups and can provide teaching opportunities across a range of subject areas. Many schools have responded with imagination and creativity, making the garden and related activities central to the running of the whole school. Schools are supported at a national level via the campaign website and at a regional level via the regional advisers.