Halstead Day Centre

Support for older people to live independently.

The Centre is intended for people over 60 who are isolated by reason of location or disability. Our main aims are to reduce isolation and provide support to people be included in a community project that encourages activities that promote physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

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Registered Charity in England and Wales (280552)







Approx 70% of our services users live the small rural villages, therefore may feel more isolated from community involvement than their urban counterparts. Many are self neglecting, due to living alone and isolating themselves mainly because they don't have the support or means to become involved. Some are malnourished and are not looking after health issues or keeping themselves clean. Depression due to loneliness quickly sets in and links to wider community services soon deminish.


Over the years The Day Centre has listened to our service users and what type and range of support they want to help them remain, with dignity in their own homes if they wish. We have identified that provision of transport and support to leave their homes with support to access a project in their own community, with people who are facing the same issues due to being isolated and in some cases forgotten. All our activities address these problems and help us act on them positively.