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St Nicholas Hospice Care passionately believes in a person’s right to choose to be cared for and die at home. Our locality does not have 24-hour nursing care provided by the statutory sector; and whilst St Nicholas Hospice Care already has Community Clinical Nurse Specialists (senior nurses who have undergone specialist training in palliative care) who make visits to terminally ill patients at home, this is currently only available during the day. The Community Hospice Team will provide this 24-hour care, aiming to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of terminally ill patients through providing dedicated care and support in their home to the very end of life. We believe everyone should have the right to a peaceful, pain free, dignified death, not alone and where possible, in familiar surroundings with family or friends.

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In response to this need, St Nicholas Hospice Care has developed our Community Hospice Team: a service that will provide nursing care, advice and emotional support to adults with a terminal illness – whether due to cancer or a non-malignant disease – who would prefer to spend their last days in their own home rather than be admitted to the Hospice or a hospital ward. The Community Hospice Team will be made up of palliative care professionals who will work alongside District Nurses, social carers and GPs to care for people in their own homes in their last weeks of life, providing planned and emergency care. The Community Hospice Team will: Provide integrated interdisciplinary care and support for up to 600 terminally ill adults per year in their own home, regardless of ethnic origin, gender or religion Develop practical support and care for patients in their last days of life who wish to be cared for at home Further develop supportive and advisory care to patients with non-malignant diseases Educate volunteers in the local community to support those dying at home To provide this care, St Nicholas Hospice Care need to employ more clinical staff dedicated to improving palliative care in our community. In order to recruit staff of a suitable calibre and provide suitable support, this project is budgeted at just under £350,000 per year of additional costs. We are seeking donations and grants towards the first three years of the Community Hospice Team to embed it as part of our core services.