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Projet Protection des Gorilles

Since 1987, The Aspinall Foundation has been working with the govt of the Republic of Congo & the neighbouring state of Gabon to protect nearly one million acres of savannah with aim of protecting the critically endangered western lowland gorilla

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The western lowland gorilla is classed as critically endangered with numbers falling by 60% in the last 20-25 yrs. The main threats to this species are from the bush-meat trade, poaching and habitat destruction.


These projects, named “Projet Protection des Gorilles”, (PPG) have worked with local partners and national governments to develop a three-pronged approach to stop the rapid decline of the western lowland gorilla. 1st by providing a safe sanctuary for confiscated gorillas where they can be rehabilitated with ultimate aim of reintroduction. 2nd through protection of the 1 million acres by funding park rangers to patrol. 3rd through education and awareness programmes in local communities.