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Open to All - Opportunitiesfor small charities to build and share knowledge through Training, Drop-In Sessions, FSI Forums and Wrokshops and through the Website, not to mention Research and Support, Fundriaisng Events and becoming a Scholar.

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There are over 166,000 different small charities in the UK, each passionate about looking after us and the world we live in. However small charities often face a daily struggle to keep their services going and have been unable to invest in developing the skills and epertise that the larger charities have been investing in for years. This is why the FSI believes it's important to offer the sector's greatest expertise for FREE. Training: from fundraising to leadership FSI offers small charities the time and space to learn from our team and each other - as a small charity taking time out from your cause is a big deal and so our training is tailored to suit you. Drop In Sessions we open our doors to you for you to discuss a great opportunity and how to maimise it, or a challenge you face and how to overcome it. FSI Forum 'Sharing the Best' each year we bring the best from across the globe to share knowledge with small charities. FSI Workshops - call us learning and sharing junkies, our Workshop offers insites into Human Resources, Marketing, Law and so much more. The FSI wants to be your ears and eyes and scour the masses of news items and link you through to them in one click. Love events but don't have the time to do them, this years Car Draw opens up the opportunity for small charities to raise £1 million - fantastic and if you love running try out the FSI Challenge. If you want to get on in our world then apply to become an FSI Scholar - that's just a small part of what we do and we do it all for FREE - check us out.