Scottish Seabird Centre

Plan Green Zero

To replace all light fittings with ultra low energy equivalents, to introduce organic insulation and install solar hot water panels. We want to make the Scottish Seabird Centre a world leader not only in environmental tourism but also in energy conservation.

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It ran from 12:00 AM, 1 January 2011 to 12:00 AM, 1 March 2011

Registered Charity in Scotland (SC025837)





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The Scottish Seabird Centre was established in 2000 as a registered charity with the aims of education, conservation and the environment. World leader in environmental tourism and our array of solar-powered cameras beam live images of the wildlife on the Forth islands back to the Centre. Our education staff teaches curricular-compliant lessons to> 5,000 children annually. The improvements to the Centre will reduce our carbon footprint substantially


The lighting units will make a substantial difference to the electricity bill, with estimated savings of 38,000 KwH of electricity saved annually: a cost of £4,180. This is a simple project, requiring no specialised electrical skills. The solar water heating panels will employ tested viessman vitosol 200 panels x3 and a solar coil cylinder. Apart from saving gas (5,695KwH and 1,408 kg Co2 per annum), the panels will allow the boilers to operate at below full capacity. 6. The insulation wor