Alleviating Poverty

Freedom from Torture is a national organisation dedicated to survivors of torture and treatment centre in the UK solely dedicated to helping survivors of torture in the UK. Most are refugees or asylum seekers and for them life is very hard. Many suffer extreme poverty, homelessness and hardship.

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Alongside the obvious physical injuries sustained, torture shatters a person’s identity and belief system. This renders the world, society and self incomprehensible and terrifying. Most of the people coming to Freedom from Torture for help are either asylum seekers or refugees. As well as dealing with the debilitating physical and psychological problems arising from their torture almost all face an immense struggle with issues around poverty and housing which seriously hinder their recovery


The basic needs of a torture survivor must be met if they are to have any chance of rehabilitation. To address this problem, Freedom from Torture prioritises the welfare of our clients in five essential aspects of our work: Social Work with separated young torture survivors; Casework Counselling; Specialist Welfare Advice around welfare and housing; Relief Committee to help clients who are destitute; and the Poverty Project to research into impact of poverty on our clients.