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Sponsored sing for The Liver Group Charity

A kind volunteer, Liz Joyce, has decided to do sponsored sing to raise funds for us! On 29th January at 2:30pm, she will sing 176 verses of Psalm 119 at The Oasis Centre in Cheltenham. To sponsor her donate here! All funds go towards the development of the Bioartificial Liver Machine!

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It ran from 1:57 PM, 21 January 2017 to 9:31 PM, 3 February 2017

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In the UK, more than 11,000 people die from liver failure/cirrhosis, and according the World Health Organisation 650 million people are currently suffering from liver disease worldwide. Many of those require urgent liver transplants; however, a shortage of donor organs leads to only 10% of patients receiving a transplant in the UK each year, therefore many die on the waiting list.


The Bioartificial Liver Machine would work in a similar way to kidney dialysis but for patients with liver failure. It would temporarily replace liver function, allowing the patients liver to repair, or buy the patient time until a suitable donor can be found, thus saving many lives. We are now ready to test it out in patients, but to achieve this, considerable funding is needed to translate this technology into the clinic and to carry out a first in human clinical trial.