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Develop our free HelpDesk, a cornerstone service, so we help the increasing numbers of people calling us, open for longer and encourage more children and young people to contact us if they need to.

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Our free HelpDesk (0845 phone number and email) is unique. Our knowledge and understanding of the great range of issues related to Tourette Syndrome is unrivalled. 29 percent of calls are from those who suspect or are newly diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome. Enquirers are anxious parents, newly diagnosed people and teachers, health and social care professionals wishing to learn more about this distressing and grossly misunderstood condition. Some callers are in great distress. Recent topics have included bullying at school (by teachers as well as pupils), bullying and discrimination in the workplace, accessing statutory educational, social and medical benefits, sceptical GPs refusing to refer for diagnosis, educational statements, school exclusions, employment tribunals, court cases and police harassment. The HelpDesk handled 3,253 enquiries in the last financial year. Enquiries from April to November 2008 increased by seven percent. This increase is now escalating. The HelpDesk is currently handled mainly by a single person, supported by whoever else is in the office. In Summer 2008 we commissioned a student to design knowledge management software for all staff and volunteers covering the HelpDesk. Her award-winning open source wiki was described by a judge as ‘the best such solution I have ever seen for a charity’. We want to recruit volunteers to man the HelpDesk from our London office so that we can extend our opening hours. We want to provide support in ways more welcoming to children and young people. The annual cost of running the HelpDesk is £12,000.