Aspire Housing programme

Paralysed people are often discharged from hospital into inaccessible homes. Aspire have accessible houses for people to move into whilst they are getting a permanent place sorted. Each house costs us £25,000 to adapt and we are looking to adapt 80 in the next 5 years, meaning we need £2 million.

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After spending six months in a specialist hospital people who are spinally injured are rarely able to move home. This is because as wheelchair users their homes are no longer accessible. It takes around 6 months to a year to get their own place adapted. During this period people are often moved into old people's homes, kept in hospital or moved back home where they have to live in the sitting room and kitchen because they can't get to their bedroom or bathroom.


We have 20 specially adapted properties around the UK and need an additional 80 to meet the demand. All the properties have at least tow bedrooms so that a loved one or carer can live there too. We do not own the properties but have long term lease-hold arrangements with housing associations. We spend £25,000 per property adapting them to ensure they are accessible for spinally injured people. The individual stays in the Aspire house until they find a permanent and suitable place to live.