SCI (Schistosomiasis Control Initiative)

Eliminate NTDs from sub-Saharan Africa

Reaching 500 million individuals annually with these safe and effective drugs – over approx. a seven year period - should eliminate the sickness and death caused by these diseases in Africa.

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Treating NTDs is a ‘best buy’ in public health according to The World Health Organization (WHO). Because drugs are donated or cheap, SCI needs as little as 25 pence/50¢ per person per year, to facilitate delivery of treatments in Africa. If those poor people living on less than £1/$2 per day in rural areas can be reached with this drug package, they will lead a healthier life. What better safe and effective “pro-poor” intervention could there be. To reach 500 million individuals over a 7 year period $1 billion is needed ($200 million per year). On 18 February 2008 the United States Government increased their contribution to the fight against NTDs to $350 million over 5 years. Though the numbers are enormous the project can be split down in to smaller units. For every 25p/50 cents a person can be treated. As an organisation we offer to the donor projects of varying scales. In the case of Geneva Global they have chosen to support two entire countries donating $9 million, however it is possible to support a district within a country, a community or even a school. We are happy to develop a suitable project with each donor. Currently we are working directly in 8 countries, however we are happy to develop projects in any of the affected 30 countries. Please don't hesitate to contact us to enquire further as to the work we are doing and the possible ways you could get involved!