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The Royal Institution Science for Schools programme offers students unique educational opportunities to experience scientific discovery. Our year-round programme of free events encourages children to become interested in experimenting with science and how science affects their lives.

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The five major problems facing the world in the coming century, according to the UK Government’s former Chief Scientific Advisor, are feeding the population, the control of disease, generating sufficient energy, supplying enough water, and global climate change. Each of these problems will only be solved, in part, by the enormous contribution that science and engineering must make. If it is to meet the needs of the future, school science has to develop opportunities for students to explore what it is that scientists do and why that contribution is both enduring and meaningful. The RI organises hundreds of science events each year, attended by more than 100,000 students and teachers. With our unique programe we bridge the gap between the working laboratory and science education in schools. • Events are designed to inspire young people about science and discovery through getting them involved in fun, stimulating investigations and debates • We recruit speakers who are working scientists with a passion for their subject and talent in communicating leading-edge science to children • Our events are packed with demonstrations, hands-on experiments and opportunities to use specialised equipment • We aim to encourage creative science teaching in the classroom, helping to guide teachers with ideas for experiments and innovative teaching practices • Our programme complements the National Curriculum, with specialised events for Key Stages 2 (age 7-11), 3 (age 11-14), 4 (age 14-16) and post 16 There are three main sections of the Science for Schools: 1. Flagship science demonstration events Schools that visit the RI throughout the year will be attending a varied programme of high-profile events packed with engaging demonstrations and hands-on experiments 2. National outreach programme The Science for Schools outreach programme works in partnership with schools throughout the UK to ensure students finding it difficult to visit the RI in London benefit from our events 3. Training The RI is in a unique position to develop training programmes for scientists. We aim to offer free training to 50 selected scientists per year. This training will: - provide the skills to communicate effectively with young people - facilitate effective curriculum links to the National Curriculum within lectures - focus on developing clear, engaging, relevant demonstrations