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The Elephant Keepers – a new opera for children

Ever been swept away by a fantastic story? We’re creating a children's opera based on the inspirational true story of a community saving a baby elephant from the dangers of the Blitz. With your support and our help, 480 pupils will help compose, produce and perform shows in their local communities.

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It ran from 8:24 AM, 28 November 2010 to 12:39 PM, 12 January 2011

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Being involved in a top-quality, professional arts project can turn an ordinary day at school into an unforgettable one: encouraging creativity, increasing confidence, and stimulating lifelong enthusiasm, often in those you would least expect. However, these experiences can be few and far between - kids are seldom given the chance to work with arts professionals and projects offered by arts organisations often come at a cost that is too high for families to afford.


We will commission The Elephant Keepers – an evocative and exciting children’s opera based on the story of a female zookeeper who walked a baby elephant home with her each night to protect it during WWII. We’ll take our experts into 8 schools to help pupils produce and perform the show. Each performance will include a 5-minute section that the kids themselves have composed. All activity will be free, and with its universal appeal, the project has real longevity – it could be performed anywhere!