Wulugu Project

Wulugu Project

Hope for Ghana Girls Through Hairdressing Training: Providing training for girls enables them to be self reliant and to break out of the poverty trap. Where the training is linked to help with basic skills, including literacy, numeracy and family and health care, the long-tern benefits are magnified. This proposal builds on a pilot in Northern Ghana where 20 girls were brought back into education from menial and often dangerous work in the cities. They now have real hope for the future and will set up, with the aid of a start-up loan, small businesses in their villages.

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‘Wulugu’ aims to tackle the causes and consequences of poverty, largely by making education available to girls. We have built quality primary schools at low cost and, where possible, provided teacher accommodation to enable women teachers to be recruited. We have five vocational schools for girls and are seeking funding for more as the current schools are so successful. All our work is carried out by local people in close cooperation with all sectors of local communities and with input from local government. The hairdressing project has had stunning results to date and is supported by all religious groups. The girls are helped to understand the importance of health care and are trained in business skills. Many of them had little or no basic education and have grown in self esteem and confidence and are in charge of their own lives. This project has added value as we have linked the girls with hairdressers from the North of England. We want to open more hairdressing schools and then develop training opportunities for girls in engineering and construction.