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St Vincent's Hospice vital upgrade

We currently have several project and equipment needs, as we are about to undertake renovation works within our clinical areas. This would include the replacement of double-glazed windows in our in-patient unit and day hospice, the installation of an air conditioning system, the and replacement of some of our pressure-relieving mattresses. We also need to replace and relocate our emergency generators. Our intention is to install quieter models in an area which does not disturb our patients.

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As the cost of care grows ever higher, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to secure the funds required from our current supporter base. Demands upon our services have meant having to employ several new members of staff in the last few months, further stretching our resources, leaving us to raise the money required for our project by extaordinary means. The approximate cost of works will be: Replacement windows - £30 - £35k. Replacement generator - £15k. Air conditioning units - £13k. Replacement mattresses - (4 @ £5k) £20k. Ancilliary works - £6k.