Education & Skills Development Group (ESDEG)

Refugee Elders Luncheon Club

To get the refugee elders out of isolation and engage them into social and physical activity.

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Registered Charity in England and Wales (1118721)




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1.Meeting to bring elderly refugees (ESDEG will not stop elders from other communities to join) out of isolation. An opportunity to socialise with peers, share experience, to laugh and simply enjoy the day something they cannot find in their homes and else where. 2.Physical activities: light exercise, walking, playing games, cultural folk dancing and poetry. 3.Healthy lifestyle education: the importance of eating balanced diet, plenty in fruit and vegetables and less fat sugar and salt. Cooking lessons will also be provided. The Refugee Elderly luncheon club is open to its users once a week in a local community centre @ Convent Way Community Hall, Convent Way, Southall, Middlesex, UB2 5UG. The majority of the service users come from the convent way estate and its surrounding area, volunteers provide logistic support to those with difficulties in mobility. Most elders this represents a golden opportunity just to get out of their homes and find company, somebody in their age group willing to listen to them, understands and acknowledges their problems also shares similar past experience and present difficulties alike. Refugee elders project brought the following bendfits to otherwise socially isolated refugee elders: 1 Get out of isolation and socialise with peers and other people 2 Have access to services including health services, welfare and social care services 3 Receive advice and information in language they can understand 4 Receive socio-cultural and moral support 5 Get the strength in tackling their daily problems 6 Exercising and balanced diet means their health will improve 7 Get help in paying bills and have their mail read out to them 8 Make new friends and get to know more people Salary for part time support worker £7038 Rent (Hall Hire) £20*52 (1 year) 1 day/week £1040 Light Lunch and refreshments £3 per head for 30 elders £4680 Volunteer Expenses £1040 Total cost of the project £13798