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Molly’s Fund was set up by The National Hospital Development Foundation (NHDF), in memory of five year old Molly Lane Fox. Molly tragically died in 2008 following a seven month battle against a brain tumour. The fund was established in order to help raise the final £1 million needed to start work on a new 12-bed Brain Tumour ward at that will help to transform brain cancer care.

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Why a Brain Tumour Unit is needed so urgently It would probably surprise most people to discover that there is currently no dedicated brain cancer facility anywhere in the UK. Yet the need is pressing. Each year, 5,000 people are diagnosed with primary brain cancers,while 60,000 others develop secondary brain tumours. It affects all ages, from newborn to elderly, and survival rates are extremely low - more people under 40 die of a brain tumour than any other cancer. Our aim is to create a hub of expertise for brain tumours that is at the forefront of brain cancer care, both nationally and internationally. Our surgical excellence, neurological specialism, translational research facility and state of the art scanning equipment – including a new Interventional MRI scanner– make us ideally placed to achieve this. Project Budget and Funding The direct cost of establishing the Brain Tumour Unit is £2.5 million over three years and The National Hospital Development Foundation has been successful in raising more than £1.8 million towards funding this project leaving just over £600,000 to be secured.