Haslemere Festival

Festival 2009

We are currently planning the next Haslemere Festival which will run from 15th to 31st May 2009. Notable events will mark the anniversaries of Tennyson's birth and Conan Doyle's birth. We are looking for sponsorship in amounts around £5,000 to enable us to book top class events to give the festival wider appeal.

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2009 sees the 200th anniversary of Tennyson's birth. Tennyson lived the last 16 years of his life at Aldworth House, Haslemere. It is also the 150th anniversary of Conan Doyle's birth. Doyle lived at Undershaw, Haslemere. The overall budget is around £50,000 and we expect ticket sales to cover around £30,000 leaving a funding gap of £20,000. Sponsors may wish to be associated with one or more events or they may wish to sponsor the Festival as a whole.