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Riding Opportunites scheme for disadvantaged young people

This worthy scheme offers new riding experiences for disadvantaged and disaffected young people living in inner city areas with limited experience of anything other than urban life.

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  • Children (3-18)Children (3-18)
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Offering experience and learning opportunities for disadvantaged young people living in inner city areas, the riding opportunities scheme is a British Horse Society initiative that has benefited hundreds of children across the UK with limited experience of anything other than urban life. By providing riding tuition and basic stable management and horse care, pupils learn new skills, form an affinity with the animals, develop new relationships, learn team working skills and learn of new career and further training opportunities in the equestrian world. The initiative has already shown positive outcomes to those who have taken part, and praise from the children, their schools and parents all show the BHS riding schemes deliver a significant increase in confidence and self-esteem and improvements in social and motivational skills. Notably, teachers have seen marked behavioural improvements in class, and children who have taken part in the scheme have been more focused on learning and have interacted much better with class mates and teachers. The British Horse Society’s ability to deliver the scheme throughout more cities in the UK, is limited only by its’ ability to fund each project. Typically a project, with costs for tuition, at an approved riding school, transport and safety equipment is around £5,000 for a three school term period.