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Sensory/Quiet time space

To create a special room at Compass Playgroup which could be used by all our children, whether they have speical needs or not. It would allow for more effective quiet time, story time, improved sensory development and enhance the children's experiences at playgroup

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We have recently had a number of children with additional needs. However, since our age group is usually in the 2-4 year old bracket, we rarely have any diagnosis of what these needs are and it is therefore very difficult to access additional support. It would be wonderful to be able to offer a more sensory-oriented facility to these children at the playgroup. It would also greatly enhance all the children's experiences. Compass Playgroup is often the first time they have been left by parents therefore it is a highly stressful experience for the children initially. A Sensory room would allow a "chill" space for the kids. It would also provide a welcome break from the normally loud, physical and energetic activity that naturally comes from 20 pre-schoolers playing together. We have researched a number of options for the space that we have available and the room could be fully fitted out for approximately £5,000.