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Combat the effects on wellbeing caused by social isolation for people with a disability living in rural areas with very little accessible public transport. We putting on a monthly social event programme such as disability accessible sailing, bowling, theatre, fundraising day, BBQ etc. This builds up a social network between events and improves health & wellbeing.

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Many people with a disability living in rural areas have no accessible public transport. Their health & well being suffers and their life becomes an existance. By arranging a monthly social activity programme supported by a Activities Co-ordinator and a small team of volunteers the people with a disability are to enable to attend we can help improve people's health and wellbeing and maintain their independence in their own home. The people attending pay enterance fees and a set amount towards the cost of transport. The funding required is for the volunteers expenses & the staff time organising the monthly activities. Events & Activities Development Worker 8hrs (£15887) 3,613.00 Management Support 1hrs per mth @ £15 780.00 4393.00 NI 11% 483.23 4876.23 Travel Expenses 250.00 Volunteer Enablers Expenses 175.00 Training Staff & Volunteers (First Aid & Moving & Handling) 150.00 Monthly Activites & Events (£25 per month towards costs 300.00 + members contribution) Postage, Phone & e-mail 150.00 Stationery 100.00 Publicity 150.00 Insurance 100.00 Central Costs 250.00 6501.23 Members contributions towards activities and travel @ £ 8 each with an average of at least 20 attending each event -1920.00 Total required 4581.23