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Non-Profit Community School in Haryana, northern India

In isolated rural districts of the state of Haryana in northern India, the standard of education available to children is either extremely low or prohibitively expensive - and many of the profit-making schools seem more interested in the money they make than in providing a quality education. We have therefore raised funds to build the state's first non-profit primary school, but with demand for places so high, we aim to raise funds to complete building work on an additional floor with new classrooms.

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The Gilly Mundy Memorial Community School in Haryana was built in memory of one of our Trustees who died in March 2007 aged only 36. Funds for its construction have all come from individual donations and fundraising events in the UK and in 2007-2008, supporters raised just over £52,000. When the school opened in April 2008 as a non-profit 'English Medium', with representatives of local villages on its Governing Board and a commitment to recruit and properly pay qualified teachers, the school was so different from other educational establishments in the district that demand for places has been intense. There are currently over 200 pupils and links with UK primary schools in Warwickshire and West Sussex. Phase II of our plans therefore involves building an additional storey to the existing building, with work taking place during the school holidays, to add additional classrooms and a science lab, plus an Administration Block within the school grounds. Without this additional work, the school is unable to expand to meet the demands of providing education in class sizes that can ensure the quality of the education provided. The Community School is managed by Buwan Kothi International Trust India, our local partner, under a partnership agreement. A detailed financial breakdown of the costs involved in the project are available on request.