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Internationally Engaging Youth

To invite Gold Award holders from priority countries to our International Gold Event, which enables Award holders to contribute to the development of the Award Programme on a national and international level. Find out more

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It ran from 2:22 PM, 26 August 2010 to 9:51 AM, 11 November 2010

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To be a youth programme that is as relevant tomorrow as it is today we need to help participants and young people with little or no experience of the Award or other youth organisations to gain experience and knowledge of youth policies and agandas', enable them to meet like minded young people and take their experiences back to their communities thereby helping to inform youth policy and promote non-formal educational opportunities, as well as the Award Programme.


Every three years the International Award Association hosts the International Gold Event. The International Gold Event is the premier global youth event of the Association. It is open to selected participants (Gold Award holders) from all of the Association's 62 National Award Authorities and is the venue for election of the 12 youth representatives at International Council. We propose for the first time in the history of the Association to invite a delegate from 15 key countries to the event.