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An exciting, motivational approach to enterprise learning in schools. The project will develop a resource that will enable teachers to deliver an enterprise programme focused on developing a business plan for a schools radio station.

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Schools are being asked to deliver enterprise training to all young people but without having the learning resources or necessarily having the expertise to achieve this. Ariel Trust has developed a successful Enterprise Day – a one day session – that takes young people through the business planning process in a joined up and motivating way. The session asks young people to work in teams to produce a basic business plan for a school radio station. They work through an integrated process that starts with them carrying out market research. They use the results of this research to make decisions about Human Resources, Music Policy (Brand Positioning), identifying potential advertisers and naming their station. They also produce a straightforward financial plan for their station. By bringing together all of their results they produce a simplified business plan. They then explain this business plan in a short presentation with the best plans winning prizes. We would like to develop this day, currently delivered by our staff team, into a programme that can be delivered by teachers on a stand-alone basis. We will provide schools with a series of multimedia resources and lesson plans that enable them to deliver our enterprise programme. This will include interviews with people from the industry and a range of interactive material based on radio industry practice. The resources will be mapped against the English Language and Maths curricula enabling teachers to integrate some of the lessons into their existing teaching as well as delivering a whole-day event. We will provide a range of exciting interactive exercises targeted at different ability learners enabling teachers to use the resource flexibly. The total cost of the project is £16,000. This includes developing the content, including recording and producing audio, mapping this content to the national curriculum and producing 500 copies of the resource.