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Providing music production and technology to help young people discover skills and talents no matter what their background. Whilst waiting for their studio slots young people can talk through issues they may be facing.

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Young people come to JusB for a range of reasons. They may want to socialise, they may have issues at home or school, they may not even be at school. JusB helps each one to discover talents and learn how to deal with the difficulties that they have in their lives.


We love seeing young people flourish. The music studios and specialist tutors attract young people through our doors. Young people discover new skills and talents, work under instruction and as part of a team. Lyric writing workshops help young people think about their use of language. Songs can be an outlet for anger and disappointment. Youth workers are on hand to talk through issues and help young people set themselves goals or access other help.

  • ‘JusB has helped me with my writing.’

    — Young person

  • ‘JusB has helped me with my writing.’

    — Young person