XTRAX (Young People's Centre)

The Catering Project

The Catering Project now has a far greater remit, employing an Urban Food Monger, or local “Jamie Oliver” to enthuse young people to cook nutritious meals.

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  • Young People (18-30)Young People (18-30)



More than 4,000 meals a year are prepared in the Xtrax kitchen for the Breakfast Club and the Drop-in Centre. The kitchen, which is situated in the Xtrax Centre, is a vital component of the charity’s work providing training and volunteering opportunities for service users as well as training in cookery skills to enable young people to feed themselves, budget accordingly and to have the confidence to cook. With the move to our new Access Centre, a new “Training Kitchen” is being developed, and funding will enable the purchase of multiple catering sets for training support purposes. With produce grown from our own allotment, young people will be involved in the cycle of the food they eat, providing experience and confidence to pursue a career in catering as well as learning to cook and have fun on a limited budget.