Barnabas Outreach Trust

Rural School, Uranga, Kenya

Barnabas OutreachTrust has been visiting the Papa Jerry & Bettie Duha School in Uranga since 1999. Donations over the years have enabled the school to make many improvements. Funds raised recently have helped to complete a classroom for the nursery children and provide text books. Also, the school now has constant power and fresh water thanks to the provision of a water tank, pump and solar panels.

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There are more classrooms waiting to be completed, with foundations already in place. Any donation, from £500 to £5,000 would help as either one room could be worked on or all of them together - it all helps to reach the goal. The next stage would then be to restore and redecorate the old classrooms which continue to be used until the new ones are complete. After this, the school would be able to meet demand from the local community and welcome more students. The school also lacks a proper kitchen and dining hall which is necessary as many of the students are orphans, sponsored to attend the school and resident all year round. Following improvements at the school from funds provided through Barnabas, the local Government and Parents Committee have been encouraged to assist with some additional funding which helped refurbish a dormitory and provide beds for girls who were sleeping on the floor, plus build a new study room. We are keen to encourage further development of this school and value your donations to this project. Thank you.