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Special Needs gymnastics - maintenance and expansion of gymnastics

The club currently subsidises a programme for those with special needs but is unable to continue to afford to do so to the same extent. We have fully trained staff and want to increase both the number of such classes and staff to support them, rather than have to curtail or cancel the programme.

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The Club, a registered charity, believes in this project because we know, from the current 6 schools who have taken up the classes, that the children and young adults benefit enormously from the structured environment and their own personal development and enjoyment. The end goals would be to increase the number of such classes - from 6 to at least 10 classes per week - and, ideally, to find a sponsor(s) who was willing to make a continuing contribution to assist in the funding of the whole programme. We estimate that each one hour session costs around £60 - for exclusive use of one gymnastics hall plus two fully qualified coaches. At present each school pays a contribution of £30 per session so the annual subsidy amounts to some £180 per week, ie an annual rate of £9360. Extending this to 10 sessions per week would increase the subsidy to some £15000 per annnum.