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Homeless people with pets find it even more difficult to find somewhere to stay. At Cardiff YMCA, we would like to further develop our Pet Room provision so that homeless people do not have to lose their pet because they do not have a stable home.

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With advice from the Canine Protection League and the Dog’s Trust we have been able to set aside one en-suite room for a person with a pet. We have been able to house two people who had two dogs each and we currently have one resident and his very popular Boxer dog. The dogs have ranged from Jack Russell’s to Rottweiler’s (and they have all been very well behaved and popular with residents and staff alike). To make this facility a success, the YMCA are registered with The Dog’s Trust giving us access to a veterinary entitlement scheme for homeless dog owners and access free preventative treatment (neutering / worming / vaccinations etc) including any treatment needed up to £250. Quote from Pet Room Occupant: “Without being able to have my dogs with me I would have been forced to remain sleeping rough ” We would like to develop this scheme and provide a further room for a pet owner. The overall scheme cost is £10,000 pa.