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Good quality medical information is often the difference between life and death. TALC would like to set up a permanent resource, a Health Publishing Centre where vital training manuals and reference guides can be published at low cost and distributed to where they are needed most.

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Health clinics in the poorest parts of the world often have no access to the internet or any modern resources. They desperately need access to good quality healthcare information to help save the lives of their patients. Many talented people working in these situations have written specialist reference books and training manuals that could help others, but are unable to get them published because of the cost. In addition, much needed textbooks are now out of print because of the cost.


Our specialist Health Publishing Centre will be able to produce and print training manuals and reference books in both small and large quantities, offering a way for authors with badly needed information to get their books into print. We will also be able to reprint important textbooks that are no longer available because the original publishers will not print fewer than several thousand copies in one go.