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Veterinary & Kennelling Costs

Two year funding of our daily veterinary and kennelling costs. These are by far our two main expenses and secure funding for them would allow us to develop other areas of the organisation to increase capacity and future income.

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GRWE 'processes' and rehomes around 900 dogs every year with around 65 dogs in rented kennels at any time needing various levels of veterinary care. We have additional spaces for emergencies. The last 12-18 months has seen a marked increase in dogs being found in a very poor state and needing far greater medical care. Covering veterinary and kennelling costs for 2 years will give us greater capacity to assist hounds in need and free up resources to invest in organisational development


All dogs coming into our care receive a full veterinary examination and are neutered, vaccinated, wormed and micro-chipped. Many need immediate dental treatment or surgery, especially if the dog has been picked up as a stray or has been neglected or abused. Most racing greyhounds which ‘retire’ annually, aged only 2 to 5 years, simply cannot run fast enough to earn prize money and are therefore discarded. Track welfare is often woeful and medical care minimal. A race for life indeed.