The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside

Saving our UK Rainforests

We want to help protect and restore the North Wests mosslands, a habitat of global importance. We already have funding in place and we are looking for match funders to help us unlock nearly £800,000. Our project will restore, reconnect and re-introduce species that once thrived.

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Over the last 200 years the UK has lost 97% of its raised bog habitat, and what is left is both fragmented and in need of restoration. We need to act now before these globally important habitats are lost forever. We want to re-invigorate the North Wests network of bog habitat, the rare and iconic species which thrive there, and preserve their natural role as a highly effective carbon sink. We have already secured £784,438 and we are seeking the £78, 443 of match funding.


Our project will save key areas of bog habitat, provide a stronger North-West network and re-introduce those species lost over the years. We want to bring the 'Manchester Argus' (the Large Heath butterfly) back to Manchester!