Willow Burn Hospice ( Derwentside Hospice Care Foundation )

Willow Burn Hospice Capital Appeal Development Centre for our 21st Birthday

Help Willow Burn Hospice celebrate our 21st birthday in style. We want to open the doors to a new facility in 2010, a flagship development where sustainability is a key driver from inception. We need to create a vision of our future for our community, patients, carers, staff, wonderful, tireless volunteers and all those we will ask for help to turn our vision into reality. Willow Burn Hospice cares for the people of Derwentside in the North East. They are a marvellous community who, though far from wealthy, have been our constant support since we opened in 1989 We sit in the grounds of an old isolation hospital on land owned by English Parterships and our clock is ticking, we must move. The fundraising team are small but determined and work out of two blue lock up containers, the sort usually seen on building sites. We are looking for help to upgrade these to a Capital Appeal Development Centre. A place from which we can communicate our vision, plan our campaign and project manage our build.

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To win the hearts, minds, skills and money from potential donors we need to be able to demonstrate and communicate what we are going to achieve, by when and the milestones on the way. We have 3 years and a sense of urgency but little liquidity. We have two possible future locations. We want to start recruiting help, practical in the early stages and financial later on. Realistically we cannot do this from our current accommodation. We are looking to fund; A marketing suite ‘portakabin’ suitable for presentations, communications and project planning meetings. This will also house the fundraising team and Chief Executive. We need to be able to accommodate around 20-30 people for recruitment events. We want to run an outbound telephone campaign to our existing supporters and potential new donors to raise awareness and recruit support We need a networked computer system for communication and planning We would like to use an interactive white board in presentations and project planning Our Architects need a medium to display their part in our future and advertise their involvement. We came into being as a result of remarkable individuals who refused to be stopped. We still embody that spirit and are looking for a passionate individual(s) to share our vision and help us turn it into reality.