Reaching the unreached

Working with tribal people to overcome TB Using tribal volunteers, traditional healers and setting up community health resources to tackle TB in remote areas.

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TB is endemic in Orissa - around 80,000 people fall ill with TB and 17,500 die annually. The problem is made worse by HIV/AIDS co-infection. (TB is often difficult to diagnose in people with HIV, for example). The project area is the districts of Malkangiri, Koraput and Rayagada in eastern Orissa, where up to 60% of the population is tribal. The government’s TB programme has failed to reduce the incidence or control the death rates of TB.


LEPRA is helping people to take an active role in reducing the impact of TB and HIV and to manage their own health problems in their communities. Our overall aim is to build strong health teams to generate health awareness and to address broader health issues in the future. These teams, together with nutrition support through community grain banks, will help make tribal people less vulnerable to ill-health and exploitation.