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ICT Training for people with mental health issues

We want to continue the great work within our ICT Project that has helped 300 people with mental health issues to secure qualifications, many of whom have progressed into higher education and employment!

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The result of this running this project to date and responding to service user’s needs and aspirations means that we have had 339 people complete the programme in the last ten years having taken and passed a qualification. Some clients will begin by taking a basic award qualification and then move on to higher qualifications. During the lifetime of the project the following awards have been made: CLAIT: 59 passes ECDL Modules 719 passes ECDL Full Qualifications 63 passes ECDL Advanced 10 passes Total 851 passes The project has always been able to demonstrate its success, both in the number of clients who receive qualifications, and, just as importantly, the number of clients who are on our waiting list to join the programme. In the last twelve months, we have had an average of 22 people waiting to join the programme and currently the waiting list stands at 28 people. The project is cost effective because of the numbers using the project, the outcomes we have achieved, the use of volunteers where possible. Capital expenditure will be minimal because ICT equipment has already been purchased and is maintained by the project