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Blythswood Care HIV/AIDS Clinic in Timisoara

Blythsood are building an clinic in Timisoara, Romania, pimarily for teenagers and young people suffering from HIV/AIDS.

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It ran from 10:02 AM, 3 December 2008 to 10:02 AM, 3 December 2008

Registered Charity in Scotland (SC021848)

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Some 500 children and teenagers with HIV and AIDS are being treated at hospitals in Timisoara, the majority between 14 and 17. While there is considerable medical expertise in the management of paediatric HIV, the care of these children is compromised by the poor state of the existing hospital buildings, the lack of dedicated outpatient facilities, the shortage of laboratory supplies and difficulty in obtaining some drugs. Contributory factors to the problems faced by children with HIV / AIDS and their families include: • Lack of resources for medical care • Lack of social support • Poor health education • Lifestyle trends The medical problems that caused many of the problems in Romania have ceased. However many infected children have entered adolescence and have become sexually active, leading to a new trend in the transmission of HIV / AIDS. Current modes of transmission include: • Transmission to sexual partner • Mother to infant transfer Specialist care for teenagers and young people will be available at the new clinic; along with the social work and support staff required. The estimated cost of building and equipping is £750,000.