Children in Crisis

Reviving Primary Education in Sierra Leone

To dramatically improve the quality of primary education available to children in the remote and impoverished district of Kambia, northern Sierra Leone.

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It ran from 1:43 PM, 7 November 2011 to 1:43 PM, 7 November 2011

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Less than half of girls and two-thirds of boys complete primary school in Kambia. Education resources are extremely limited and families and communities must pay the majority of education costs, excluding the poorest and most marginalised. This project tackles the four key barriers to education that we have identified; 1) poorly or untrained teachers, 2) discrimination against and abuse of girls, 3) lack of parental support for children's education, and 4) lack of resources for schools.


The project will provide teacher training to reduce the skill deficit and tackle harsh physical discipline, gender inequality and sexual exploitation. Head teachers and school governance bodies will benefit from sessions on school management, gender equality and child protection. Parents will attend adult education 'circles' to improve literacy and encourage social change. 'Community Education Support' groups will be given training and funding to generate direct benefits for schools.